A while ago, in the winter we met Dżanetta – the main organizer of Sabantuj festival held in Kruszyniany, Poland. The reason of our meeting was simple and sad – the fire destroyed Tatarska jurta – the place where Polish Tatars used to gather in. Dżanetta’s idea was to organize Sabantuj one more time – this year with the main purpose to gather money for rebuilding the place. She asked us for help to take pictures during the event. We just couldn’t say no!

I was going to Kruszyniany not knowing exactly what to expect. I did not have much information about the festival itself, Polish Tatars or the region at all and as such everything surprised me! It was a very positive surprise! Since Thursday everyone was already engaged in preparations – the big music scene was set up, the guests also started arriving. There were people from Ukraine, Crimea, Czech Republic, Russia and many, many more. On Friday the guests started to arrive also on the camp site – especially prepared for those that were taking part in the battle reconstruction – knight, horses and… artillery!

On the day of festival we had a lot of work to be done! Everything started at midday during the ecumenic prayer in the nearby mosk. Then all music groups, local administration representatives and other guests went together to the main festival spot to inaugurate Sabantuj 2018! And that is how it all started! Concerts, competitions, sport events, games for children and adults and even the market of the local craftsmen. The day was full of attractions – everyone could find something for himself! The end of Sabantuj was even more spectacular – the big battle reconstruction gathered hundreds of viewers! It was really something!

We were thrilled to be a part of Sabantuj this year! It was a unique opportunity to work with people full of passion, trying to preserve the culture that is becoming less and less known in Poland. As such we invite you all to join Sabantuj in Kruszyniany next year! You will not be sorry! And for the time being just look at some of our photos.