The workshop in Podlasie was unique! It gathered couple of wonderful people eager to share their experience, passion to photography and the most importantly their lifepaths. For a while Podlasie joined us together in quite special circumstances – we met a real Polish witch with her wolves! We met also a blacksmith! All meetings during this short but really eventful workshop allowed us to open up and understand others.

“It was really important to me. Miss Alfreda is a wonderful woman that allowed me to find new version of myself as the workshop with 4photo!” – Daria Bielienkov

Below we present photos of our workshop participants. Each of them discovered something new during the weekend in Podlasie. Some of them tried out the work with new lens, some allowed themselves to try out using flash during the daylight which gives pretty increadible effect!

“I am sure we will meet again. I participated in the workshop by accident to be honest as a reaplecement for other person, but I am really impressed with your professional attitude! And the teacher – Radek Polak – the best I have ever had! Thank you!” – Mirka Misiewicz

I could write more but the best way to show you how it was is just to give you a chance to look at the photos. Enjoy!