georgia 2019






Group size

6-10 people


10 days

The price includes

– accommodation in a guest house in Pankisi (double or triple room)
– accommodation in a guesthouse in Horodzo (double or triple room)
– accommodation in a historic winery in Telavi (double or triple room)
– hotel in Tbilisi
– air-conditioned shuttle buses
– 4x4 off-road vehicle in Pankisi
– meals (breakfasts and dinners)
– 6 photo sessions
– 2 food photo sessions
– day by day possibilities to consult and edit your photos
– assistance and workshops with Radek Polak, photographer: /
– local guides in Pankisi

* KL insurance – 50,000 EUR, NW – 16,000 PLN, BAGGAGE – 1600 PLN (?)

The price does not include

– Warsaw – Tbilisi flights
– tips for the driver or guides
– tourist visa expances
– beverages
– additional attractions (eg. SPA in Telavi)
– personal expenses


15.08:Warsaw – Tbilisi

Meeting at the airport and departure to Georgia late in the evening.

16.08: Tbilisi–Pankisi

17.08: Pankisi

18.08: Pankisi

19.08: Pankisi–Horodzo

20.08: Horodzo–Pankisi

21.08: Pankisi–Telavi

22.08: Telavi

23.08: Telavi–Mccheta–Tbilisi

24.08: Tbilisi–Warsaw

The order of the individual events may change.

We love to explore the world and learn our original way to understand it. Moreover with those who impress us with their sensitivity and extraordinary love for unique places full of exiting history, and people who live in harmony with nature. Georgia is certainly the place you can totally fall in love with. A man who already loves this place and knows everything about it – is Radek Polak / So there is nothing more perfect than travelling to Georgia with him. We assure you that the time spent with us will always remain in your hearts and memories

GRUZJA 2019 – The System of Fathers

Traces of the heroes of Wojciech Jagielski’s book “All Lara’s wars”

Geographically and culturally cut off from the rest of the country, forgotten and mysterious Pankisi Valley lies on the northern borders of Georgia. The heroine of Wojciech Jagielski’s book “All Lara’s wars” lives here today. We will take you along the trail to the forests and villages located above the wild Alazani river, known most of all from the labels of the famous Georgian wines.

This unique and strongly associated with Islam place is inhabited by the hard-to-reach community of Kists (Georgian Chechens), who for many years have been known as unrelenting warriors.
We will have an unusual opportunity to participate in everyday life of the people taking a look at the everyday life of the Kist people and at the daily work of the shepherds living in the nearby mountains. We will get to know what the famous Georgian hospitality feels like. Under the watchful eye of our photographer Radek Polak we will peek into many traditional thatched houses. We will do all that, to portray the heroes of history described by Jagielski.

After a few days of hard work filled with field photos and photo editing workshops lead by our photographer we will take well-deserved rest in Telavi – the place well known for it’s wine-growing traditions. There, apart from enjoying the magic of this historic region, we will be able to take a close look at day to day dealings on the local Georgian market. We will also visit a kvevri workshop where we will have the opportunity to portray everyday work of a local ceramist. There will also be time to learn how to cook Georgian delicacies!

Low pace of the travel giving the opportunity to fully experience the country will be the main priorities of our journey. We would not go sightseeing, but rather we will observe. Instead of quick and predictable interactions with locals, we will try to establish some true friendy relations with them. Thanks to this, our search for the bests shots and extraordinary moments will become an adventure to remain in your memories for a long time. There is an additional advantage of our trip – each day, each participant of the workshop will have time for personal consultations with Radek.

„Lara never thought she could live anywhere else except the valley. She had everything she ever needed. Everything was in its rightful place, there was nothing she would ever change.”

August 15

We will meet at the airport in Warsaw and fly to Tbilisi in the late hours.

August 16

A bus will pick us up from the airport and take us straight to Pankisi, where the title character of the book “All Lara’s wars” by Wojciech Jagielski will wait for us. After the rest in her hospitable home we will meet the remaining heroes of Jagielski’s story. During our stay in Pankisi, they will try to show us the everyday life of people in this unusual place.

August 17

The idea of our trip is to establish friendly relations with the inhabitants of Pankisi, which is why we will have local youth as our guides. In this way, each of the participants will have an unusual opportunity to establish a friendship with their guide who will invite him to his everyday life, thus giving a photographic theme.
We will end the day together at a feast on the banks of Alazani river, when we will not only taste the local specialties but also have the opportunity to explore the musical traditions of the famous polyphonic singing characteristic of the region.

August 18

The following day, together with our guides, we will discover the charms of the areas near the village. In search of the best shots, we will delve into the Georgian wilderness, to finally reach the waterfall at the end of the road, where on warm days the local youth like to feast and spend time together.

August 19

From Pankisi, we will set off to the mountains to observe the everyday life of the Georgian shepherds, the life that moves in its simplicity. We will spend the night in a shepherd’s cottage at the nineteenth-century village of Horodzo, and in the evening at the bonfire we will have the chance to hear many stories and maybe even try a fire roasted lamb.

August 20

After the morning photo sessions we will go back, this time on our own feet (for less experienced hikers there’s the option to return by 4x4) to the valley. After the dinner we will depart to Telavi, where we spent next days on photography, trying our famous Georgian cuisine and wine.

August 21

Telavi is a settlement famous for its Georgian wine. There we will spend the next two days of our journey. On the first day, we will take photos at the local market and at the kvervi ceramics workshop. We will spend the evening on wine tasting in the local winery (there is the possibility to use the local SPA)

August 22

Another day is another workshop, this time culinary photography. Together with the local chef we will prepare dinner, learning and then experiencing the secrets of Georgian cuisine. Next under Radek’s watchful eye we will immortalize our work during the photo session.

August 23

In the morning, we will move to Mtskheta – the first capital of Georgia, for a short stopover during which we will have the chance to walk the winding streets in the picturesque historical part of the town. On our way to Tibilisi, we will stop at the traditional Georgian restaurant for lunch and another session of culinary photography. This time, we will observe the work of chefs throught our lenses.

We will spend the afternoon in Tbilisi, where apart from time for a street photo session, we will have the opportunity for the last commemorative shopping and to relax in the famous Georgian “bania” (for volunteers only).

Wonderfully relaxed we will meet in the evening for the farewell supper at the stylish restaurant.

August 24

Check-in and return flight at night. In the morning filled with new experience and hope that this is just the beginning of the Georgian adventure, we will land at the Warsaw airport.

„Dreams should never come true. They die when they do. The dreams are for you to know what to do. Day by day, make your life all anew. ”
(quotes from Wojciech Jagielski’s book All Lara Wars )


Radek Polak  born 1975 is a graduate of Photography at the Multimedia Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań,
As a commercial artist he regularly photographs celebrities from the world of culture, science and politics. His photographs are published in national press both in Poland and in Georgia (Elle, Esquire, Gala, MALE MAN, Twój Styl,
Anabechdi and Hot Chocolate). He portrayed among many other Ewan Mcgregor, Patrick Swayze, Władysław Bartoszewski, Wojciech Pszoniak, Daniel Olbrychski, Andrzej Seweryn , Ingolf Wunder, Rafał Olejniczak, Krystyna Sienkiewicz, Janusz Gajos, Kazimierz Kutz.    He was awarded the first prize in Best lifestyle cover category of the Grand Front Awards, Poland. In 2009 he was a jury member of Kolga Photo Festival.
He also shoots advert campaigns for biggest polish and international clients such as: SAMSUNG, SHOWMAX, TMOBILE, ING BANK, BZWBK, PEUGOT, KAUFLAND, CASTORAMA, DBBANK,  LOT Polish Airlines, and many more
One of Radek’s  photo stories was awarded a honorable mention at the International Photography Awards and then published in prestigious aCurator magazine. In 2012 he started a 3-years’ photographic work on „Georgian Taste”, a book on Georgian culture, people and cuisine. The book got published in Poland in 2015.



Lara tells us her story. Her sons, Georgian Chechens, are moving to Poland. Here Shamil and Rashid become Europeans. Then they go further west, where they start their families. After years, the European paradise begins to terrify them with its strange ways and spiritual emptiness. The holy war drags them in – the war they value the most. That’s how they get to Syria …
Lara is still fighting for them – to take them home.

(more about the book: https: //,ksiazka,6648,Zszystkie-wojny-Lary)


„GRUZIŃSKI SMAK” (Georgian taste)

This book wouldn’t have happened without a certain meeting. It can be said that it is a result of friendship and connections like everything in Georgia, the world capital of nepotism. Georgian taste is both a culinary book and a journal. Thanks to that you can get to know Georgia from the inside, look through the eyes of both its inhabitants and two artists traveling through it. A book where you can find recipes for delicious dishes and descriptions of places that you would not find in any guide. Finally, this is a book about the people and their unique taste as diverse as the Georgian nation.

(more about the book:,ksiazka,28009,Gruzinski-smak )


The expences of tourist visa to Georgia are not included in the prise of the workshop. Please check out the requirements for obtaining Georgian visa for your country. In case of any doubts or concerns contact us directly – we will do our best to assist you.


We are going to cover with insurance all participants of the workshop according to international standards, however buying out individial insurance is highly recommended as well.


Georgian LARI is the official currency of Georgia. According to the currency ranking most popular exchange rate is GEL to USD rate.

1 GEL = 0.4 USD

You can exchange your money in banks, but we would suggest that you look for exchange points located in the main streets of the city.
In Tbilisi and other cities, hotels, markets, restaurants and points of sales accept payment in cash or by debit and credit cards. Please secure some cash with you in the country-side, where there will be no banking services or ATMs.